The death of loved ones have led me to reflect on my life.

I want a life that I will have no regrets.

At the end of my life and If I have to face my creator.  I want to say that I have loved and been loved, that I tried my best to be good and perfect. That I did my best to use the talents that were entrusted to me by my creator for the happiness and benefits of others. That I did not stop to reach my dreams.

I have made choices that dictated the path of my life. I know I have made mistakes.  I have learned the lessons of my mistakes and took responsibility for my actions.

The death of my loved ones have made me the choice to live in the moment.

I have experienced sorrow and grief.

Suffering, loneliness, and heartache will always be a part of all of us.

The past is history and we must live in the present while preparing for tomorrow.

We are taught by the past, but we can never live there again.

Give thanks for the daily blessings.

LIVE more….LOVE much….Laugh often!

Life is a gift.


2 thoughts on “A Reflection

  1. Salamat. Totoo yan and sila talaga ang nagbibigay inspiration for me to go on with this beautiful life.
    Take good care diyan.
    God Bless!

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