While I am reading this book “Focus on the good stuff” by Mike Robbins, I guess it would be very nice to share the beauty of the message of this book, the power of appreciation.

We can apply the power of appreciation for ourselves and the people around us. Appreciating ourselves, others, and life are the most important things we can do to transform our lives, improve our relationships, and create the success and fulfillment that we truly want.

Learn to be GRATEFUL. I know we have been grateful sometimes but I think we should learn more deeply about being grateful in a day-to-day basis. And this would be very helpful in our journey to success and happiness. So this is it…now to make my story short, let us start writing down the things we are grateful of…from the moment we woke-up up to time we again put our body to bed. Writing would be by our own preference…it could be in the morning or in the evening. This would by our own convenience. As long as we can write all the things that we have been grateful of for the last 24 hours that have passed.

So how it is to be grateful? By beginning our day feeling grateful. Be grateful the moment we woke up…be thankful that we are still alive. Be grateful for bed and the roof we live in. As soon as we stand going to the bathroom, be thankful that we can still walk and that we can do by ourselves the things we want to do in the bathroom. Be grateful for the electricity and the water. Be thankful for the beautiful morning…the morning sun. Be grateful for our family…that we are with our family. Be grateful for the food in our breakfast. Be grateful for our computers…that we use to contact and read the emails of our friends. Be grateful for our friends. Be grateful for the clothes and the shoes that we wear. Be thankful for the car that we use to go to our destination. Be thankful for the work. Be grateful for our eyes that we can see and the ears that we can hear. Be grateful that we can breath the fresh air. Be grateful that we can think and communicate. Be thankful for the machines that make life easy…the microwave, rice cooker, refrigerator, electric fans, computers, cell phones, televisions, wireless telephone, clock, etc… And the papers, pencils, pens, and crayons that we use for writing and drawing. The list will go on and on and you will notice that a change in your life will surely happen…a heart full of gratitude.

Surely we will feel the presence of God in our lives. We will feel we are a creation of our Mighty God. And then we will transcend this feeling to others.

And God will be happy.

We will all be happy.

—- nagpa-praktis lang po na mag-Inglis


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